Freshman Class del Encanto

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take some time to talk about a couple of young horses that were born here at the ranch. As the Doctor prepares for a possible next year of competitions, we have taken initiative to advertise some of our Freshmen stock. These horses have been trained with halter, saddle and are currently entering in their first rounds of dancing. Such a great group of personalities and memories. However, it's time for the kids to leave the nest and begin their next chapter in life. We are proud of these horses for their hard work and adaptability. Let's begin with some introductions!

Ciclón del Encanto

The 2 year old stud has many qualities of a show horse. He stands tall, fluid movement and has playful personality. The progress he has made so far is a reason we proud. His father, Ciclón IX, is a qualified multi-champion horse; counting six gold medals in the USA and Spain, a finalist at SICAB on two occasions, and was Champion of both the Breed at Fiesta of The Spanish Horse and Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse 2013. The ANCCE has recognized him as a qualified breeding stock.

We hope to find a good home for this young buck where he could have a promising dressage career.

Katia del Encanto

A sweet and soft spoken demeanor, Katia is half sister to Ciclón del Encanto. She too has a lovable personality and enjoys her work out routines. Much more calm and graceful than her brother, her trot will leave you with a day-dreamy experience. The slate-ash tones of her coat are stunning and tail displays hints of blonde and amber. A slow approach is advised as she tends to be more on the shy side. She currently trains with halter, saddle and breeder shows. Both of her parents (Ciclón IX & Fabulilla MR) have been recognized as qualified breeding stock.

We hope to find a home where Katia could be a show horse, jumper or a companion.

Justino del Encanto

Our 4 year old Justino is a charming stallion with a slate grey coat. His best qualities are his show movements. Currently he is working more with the saddle and is improving his lateral skills. A strong young horse who rather enjoys the pampering side of our photo shoots. We hope he finds a nice ranch where he will continue training and share wonderful memories with the family.

Jordan del Encanto

This guy should have a varsity jacket. He is considered part of our freshmen class, but he wears it like a senior about to graduate. We adore this hard working and adaptable stead. He has more training and experience with helping break other horses to the arena. This guy is a perfect fit for those who are serious about their riding & dressage careers.

If you or a friend wishes to see more of these magnificent horses we are but an email away. We need to find homes for these guys!

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