About Us


15 years ago, Doctor Ariel Martinez had been introduced to the world of the Pure Raza Español Andalusian shows. He fell in love with their majestic looks, graceful movement and the feeling one is overcome by when gazing at beauty of Andalusians.


Ariel's first horse, Farruco LXXIII, took his first competition by storm in 2009. He was crowned Champion of Champions, as well as, Champion of Breed and High Point Stallion with a score of 105.43.


Since then, the Doctor has continued to compete his prize stock and developed his own prize-winning bloodline.


For the first time in the Rancho's history, Ariel has opened up to the online world for show and sale of his stunning stock. Hard work, integrity and the eye for selective breeding has rewarded a humble man, now he wishes to share with you!


We welcome all Andalusian lovers!  Please reach out if you have any questions or requests for videos and/or genealogy charts. We would he happy to get you informed! 


Dr. Ariel Martinez